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Vimex Flower is a Dutch flower and plant export company located in the heart of the floral industry in Aalsmeer, Holland. We export flowers and plants every day to customers worldwide. We are sourcing directly from Dutch growers, international growers and various flower auctions in the Netherlands.

We do not keep any stock to ensure that our customers receive fresh flowers daily. Our primary customer base are wholesalers, florists, event planners and wedding companies. We  are specialized in fulfilling custom-made orders.

Why Vimex Flower?

Personalized service 24/7
Availability Direct sourcing from growers
Highest quality fresh flowers and plants
Quick deliveries worldwide
Delivery Status as a known consignor
Delivery within 24 hours
(dependent on exporting country)


Flower Export

At Vimex Flower we are specialized in air shipments worldwide. If you are in  New York City; keep an eye out for our boxes on 28th Street in Manhattan. Likewise, if you’re staying in luxury hotels in Dubai or Singapore; you’ll likely encounter our flowers adorning the hotel spaces.

No destination is too challenging for Vimex Flower; when it comes to delivering beautiful, fresh-cut flowers and plants. We can arrange daily flights and trucks to any location globally, partnering with the best expeditors, trucking companies, and airlines. We ensure the fastest and safest transportation for your floral products.

Reach out to your Vimex Flower account manager to inquire about setting up an account with us.

Contact us
vimex flower

Vimex Flower B.V.
Legmeerdijk 313 (055-49B)
1431GB Aalsmeer

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